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Shirbandi Jewellers was established in 1997 as a jewellery store dealing in silver and gold jewellery. Since 2004, we have been manufacturing felt handicrafts and other products and exporting them to Europe. Our aim is to uplift the lives of people who are illiterate and financially disadvantaged.

We have two workshops. One in Kathmandu and the other in Lalitpur. We work together as a family.

In Kathmandu, we have our felting workshop. Most of the staff are house wives who have small children. They all are from small villages. They are living in Kathmandu for their children's education as there are no good schools in their villages. The living cost in Kathmandu is very high; only the income of their husband is not enough. Thus, our aim is to support them by giving regular work. We provide them with piece wages so they can work as much as they want. 

In our second workshop in Lalitpur, we provide sewing and stitching work in felt goods. Most of our staff here are students of high schools and colleges. Few of them are housewives. We provide them part time jobs. The work here it is financially helpful for them for their studies to some extent.

To colour the wool, we use dyes which is Azo free (Anti allergic, harmless dye).